How to Repair BMW EWS Module Communication Error

BMW 528i cannot start the car. The fault code EWS data communication is interrupted for maintenance! A BMW 528i sedan with a driving range of about 250,000 kilometers, equipped with an M54 engine and an automatic transmission, and a model number of E39. Users reported: The starter did not respond when the car was started, power was supplied directly to the starter, the starter work, but engine can not start normally.


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After actual measurement, the EWS module related wire diagram are normal. The peripheral lines of the EWS module were inspected, including the loop antenna signal line, K bus, and gear signal line. No abnormalities were found, so it was determined that the EWS module was damaged.

How to Repair BMW EWS Module Communication Error



Remove EWS module,then remove PCB

Locate 10029A chip on PCB,and then replace a new 10029A chip

It is used to decode communication



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