How to program key for BMW 525li 2013

Many primary auto locksmith believe that programming new key for bmw is difficult.Several days ago, a owner of bmw 525li leave key in the trunk and he can’t open.So i share the whole process here, how to program key for bmw 525li 2013. Hope it helpful!

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After i meeting owner, i used auto locksmith too to open driver door and find it can’t open the trunk by trunk button.

In this situation,we need to remove one of back row seats.It is fixed by snap joint and easy to disassemble.You will find several screws after disassembling the seat,then remove screws.Put you hand in,find the switch to open the trunk. We get the key that owner leave in the trunk.Below we begin to program new key.

program key for BMW 525li 2013-1-2

First,we need to disassemble the CAS module which locate after the accelerator pedal.(CAS of X1,3 Series is locate right of accelerator pedal)

Then,i use programmer APPRP to program.There is a wiring diagram on the software. You should to pay attention to CAS4+,because it need to be cut the line on PCB. Because the data read by programmer is encrypted,so you need to decode the data. And the just follow the remind to operate.Finally, place the new key on the steering wheel lock module while start car with original key.

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Note 1: Read CAS Data.

Be sure to turn off one-start button before programming new key. BMW 525li 2013 equips with CAS4+ immobilizer system and 5M48H CPU. You can use the X-PROG or other programmer to read the data.It should noted that different programmer device need different wiring diagram, follow the usermanual to connect wiring correctly.Below show the wiring diagram of APPRP programmer and PCB wiring line cut way.After read out data, operate the software to decode data and save it.

program key for BMW 525li 2013-4

Note 2: Check key state

Open APPRP programmer,select key tool–>select bmw 5 series 2012~–>click read key to check key state. Key is blank,OK.


program key for BMW 525li 2013-5

program key for BMW 525li 2013-6

Note 3:Use original key and CAS data to add new key.

Load DFlash data(read from 5M48H Chip),it will show information “key information,VIN”. Select a blacnk key position to generate dealer key.

program key for BMW 525li 2013-7

Software display below information:

Type1: Generate dealer by original key

Type2:Generate dealer key by known synchronization code.

Type3:Generate dealer key by engine data.

program key for BMW 525li 2013-8

Now begin to add new key, we select type 1:”Generate dealer by original key. After click “OK”,it will display below information

”please put original key into coil and click ok to continue.If the key you put into coil is not original key,it will can not start you car”

According to the remind to click “OK” button.

program key for BMW 525li 2013-9

Then follow the information to put new key into coil.

program key for BMW 525li 2013-11

Finally,it remind you “dealer key generate successfully”

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