How to Install and Quick Start PSA-COM Diagnostic Software

This article show a guide on how to install PSA-COM diagnostic software, hope this guide can help you to solve your installation projects.


Download PSA-COM software: PSA-COM For Professional Peugeot/Citroen Diagnostic software Free Download



Insert attached CD to your CD-ROM.

Run installation file PSAComSetup.exe

Choose language of installer


Choose your destination folder for PSA-COM


PSA-COM interface drivers are automatically updated during PSA-COM installation. When prompted to install„unsigned“ drivers, click on „Install this driver software anyway“ (Microsoft® Windows® 7) or „ContinueAnyway“ (Microsoft® Windows® XP. ).


Microsoft® Windows® will automatically install drivers when you plug-in the PSA-COM interface to USBport.

You should not be connected to a vehicle until now.

Please note: all program files (including updates) and documentation are available on enclosed CD-ROM.


Connect PSA-COM to the vehicle – starting with diagnosis.

Connect the PSA-COM interface to your computer. LED indicator should start blinking.

Connect PSA-COM to OBD-II connector in the vehicle.If you cannot find location of the OBD-II connector, you can use PSA-COM location image database,available under OBD-II Connector location from main menu:


Set-up PSA-COM application.

Select Settings from PSA-COM main menu and configure PSA-COM interface port. If no ports are shown, click Refresh button.Then choose appropriate port and click on Test Interface to makesure everything is OK. Then you should see updated interfaceinformation. Click on Apply changes or Save changes button tosave changes and return to main menu.


Your computer is ready to connect to control units now. In main menu, you can use either direct control unitselection (by clicking on Select Control unit button), or perform Auto-scan that will list all control units presentin the vehicle. Before you get to choosing the control units, you must enter exact vehicle model, otherwisediagnosis may fail.


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