How to Change Power Steering Fluid in 5 Minutes on Toyota

Dirty steering fluid can ruin your car’s system ,one of the best ways to improve your car’s handling is to change your power steering fluid. This instruction will show you guide on how to quick and easy to change power steering fluid on Toyota.

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The secret to changing your power steering fluid so quickly and thoroughly is a tool called the Vacuum Extractor Pump.


First we need to know which kind of the power steering fluid for your car from the cap or your manual.


Place a rag around your power steering fluid reservoir


Take the cap off the power steering fluid reservoir and insert the hose from your vacuum


Suck out all the fluid that’s sitting in the reservoir


When tank is empty, we’ll to move on to the next step.

All of our reservoirs have a line going in and out, the line we’re looking for is the higher mounted one.


This is the return line where the fluid is going to be going back into the reservoir.We’re going too find it and remove the clamp and pull off the hose.


Plug off this port just temporarily, you can use something like a scrap piece of tubing to close it off. Take the cap of a pen and insert it into the tubing to seal off the end. You can use other things to seal it, no matter what you do, we need to make sure that you seal it up so that no fluid leaks out during the process.


Insert the line from your vacuum pump right into the return hose of the power steering fluid system to suck the fluid through the system.


Refill your reservoir with clean fluid


Clamp off that capped port even more to make sure that no fluid could leak out


Pump up your vacuum pump a few times and suck the dirty fluid come out from return line.


You can see the dramatic difference from the old fluid and new one.


Keep topping off the reservoir to make sure you have enough clean fluid and then this will start to go through the system. Just one or two minutes, you’ll see that bright fluid coming out the other end is looking pretty good . We went ahead and still ran another quart through the system to make sure that all the old fluid was completely out.


Pull the hose out of return line, reconnect hose to the port on the reservoir. Remember out reservoir is filled with fluid, when you pull the hose off cap the end temporarily with the end of your finger.


Check the level of fluid in the reservoir. There’s a hot mark and cold mark on cap, the fluid is cold so make sure you’re setting it to the cold mark.


Then tighten up the cap. Fluid changing is finished, now you can take a test drive.


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