How to Change License Plate Lamp for Mercedes-Benz E-Class

This instruction will show you guide on how to change license plate lamps for Mercedes-Benz E-Class W212. Sedan and Kombi have the same part-nr.

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Use plastic tools to take out plastic plate


Use TORX T25 unlock bolts


Pull out plastic plate


Unplug the wire,

Clips part-nr A 000 991 90 98


Pull out the other plate

Clips part-nr A 000 991 89 98


Push down all the clips


If you think above steps is to much work you could skip the first steps and start from here, but be really careful so you don’t brake anything. The clips sits really thigh that’s why I prefer removing the liner and push out the clips from inside. If you have halogen bulbs you don’t need to remove the plastic cover and the housing, you could change the bulb from the inside.


Use a DIY pulling hook to hook plate out


Be careful do brake the clips

Clips part-nr A 000 991 86 98


Take out license plate lamp

License plate lamp part-nr

A 221 820 04 56 halogen(housing)

Bulb halogen 12V-5W N 000000 003907

A 221 820 08 56 led pre facelift

A 099 906 70 00 led facelift


Gasket for clips, don’t lose them


Install a new lamp


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