HINO 600 Series Truck P060C DCU Malfunction Trouble Repair

This illustration show you guide on how to repair HINO 600 series truck P060C DCU malfunction.


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1Connect the vehicle to HINO DXⅡ.

2.Set the starter switch to the “ON” position.

3.Select [DCU] and check if HINO DXⅡ is communicating with the DCU.

4.Erase the malfunction history.

5.Set the starter switch to the “LOCK” position.

6.Check if the DCU main relay is OFF in the HINO DXⅡ menu. (This cuts off the communication between HINO DXⅡ and the DCU.)



The main relay turns OFF 1 minute after the exhaust gas temperature (SCR inlet) drops below 200 °C {392 °F}.

7.Set the starter switch to the “ON” position.

8.Select [DCU] and check if P060C has been detected.


Has DTC P060C been detected?

Yes,replace the DCU.(After replacing the DCU,perform a DPR forced regeneration)

Perform “After-inspection work” of INFORMATION section


No,Erase the malfunction history and re-check the DTC

Perform “After-inspection work” of INFORMATION section


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