Freightliner New Cascadia Rear Engine Mount Diagnostics Guide

Here is a guide on how to diagnostic rear engine mount for Freightliner Cascadia electrical system.


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1.Park the vehicle on a level surface, shut down the engine, and apply the parking brakes. Chock the tires.

2.Are the noise vibration and harshness (NVH) levels observed higher than normal when the engine is running?

YES → Go to next step.

NO → Engine mounts are in good condition. No replacement required.

3.Are all fasteners torqued as per specifications?

YES → Go to next step.

NO → Torque the fasteners as per specifications.Go to step 1 to verify.

4.Inspect the rear engine mounts for cracks in the rubber leg.

Are there cracks deeper than 8 mm?

YES → Replace the rear engine mounts.

NO → Go to next step.


IMPORTANT: When inspecting the rear engine mount for lower snubber gap, the mounts must be installed on the vehicle under 1G static loading.

5.Inspect the engine mounts snubber gap.

Insert a 2 mm feeler gauge between the bottom of the center pin and the edge of the housing. Make sure the gauge is at the center of the snubber and is inserted completely into the mount.

Is the lower snubber gap less than 2 mm?

YES → Replace the rear engine mounts.

NO → Go to next step.


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