ECU Location:Where is The ECU Located in Your Car

Sometimes,we need to remove ECU when replacing new ECU or remapping ECU.And before we do this,we need to find the ECU location in your vehicle.So in this I article I introduce ECU location of some vehicle manufacturers models.And some feedbacks from vehicle owner.

Note:If you cann’t find your vehicle model below,check three¬†locations:

Under carpet or above glove compartment

Beneath the wipers behind the plastic trim

Around the Engine bay


On most Volkswagen model,the ECU is located beneath the wipers behind the plastic trim.

Audi:It is apply to most audi,the ECU is located beneath the wipers behind the plastic trim.

Audi A5 ECU Location shows below:

audi a5 ecu location-1

Bentley:Continental GT-Under Plastic Panel at N/SR of engine bay x2 ECU’s.



Generally is located Under Bonnet behind panel at rear of fuse box in plastic box next to battery.

BMW 1 Series ECU Locaiton show below:

bmw 1 series ecu location-2


Citroen AX,CS,SAXO,XANTIA,XSARA,ZX Under Bonnet in engine bay.


Fiat Coupe Ducatto,Marea,Multipla,Punto inside car passenger front footwell under bonnet in engine bay.



Ford ESCORT,Focus Fiesta Galaxy Mondeo Probe Sierra,Transit under plastic side trim in dirivers side front fottwell under glove box on passenger side.Next to battery inside car. Above pedals inside car,behind centre console inside vehicle ,behind glove box.New ford Diesel Models-N/S/F Wheel Arch inside plastic box.

Ford Mustang ECU location shows below:

Ford Mustang ECU location

Ford Taurus ECU location:

Ford Taurus ECU location


Honda Civic/Prelude passenger fornt footwell under carpet or above glove compartment.

Sit in the passenger seat, it’s to the left of where your left foot goes. There is like a piece of triangle plastic protecting it…basically under the cluster with the AC, headunit, navi, etc. If you need a picture or can’t figure it out…I’ll hook ya up.



Hyundai Coupe passenger front footwell  under carpet.



ISUZU Trooper inside vehicle on passenger side


Land Rover:

In plasitic box next to battery inside vehicle under drivers seat. In plastic box next to battery in plastic box next to battery.

Rangerover Sport-behind battery N/S/R of engine bay.


Rover 200,25D,45D,75D Under bonnet on passengers side.


Mazda 6 and most other models-underneath carpet in passenger side footwell.

RX8-inside plastic box O/S/F of engine bay.



Evo models-Above glove box passenger side.

Shogun/L200-Above passenger side outer kick panel.



Nissan S13/300zx-In side car,behind centre console passenger front footwell under carpet.

Navara pre 2005-Behind centre console

Navara after 2005-Behind centre console.

X-Trial-Above glove Compartment

Nissan 350Z:

its very easy to find, it right above the passenger foot well, behind the panel thats should be a glove box….. do a search, im pretty sure there’s a removal guide… heres the simple steps, if i remember correctly

  1. remove cup holder
  2. pull off inner door jam panel
  3. remove screw from bottom corner of the panel( i think thats where it was)
  4. Pull panel off, and locate box with large wiring harness coming out of it.

Nissan Primera ECU location show below;

Nissan Primera ECU location


Peugeot 106,205,206,306,307,309,405,406-Under bonnet in engine bay or inside car over steering column.


Renault19,Megane,Espace,Clio,Traff 21,Turbo–Under bonnet on drivers side under bonnet near battery.


On most Seat model,the ECU is located beneath the wipers behind the plastic trim.


On most Skoda models the ECU is located beneath the wipers behind the plastic trim.


Impreza models-Beneath carpet passenger side footwell.


Toyota 4Runner

The Main ECU is located on the passenger side behind the dashboard, under the airbag.

The Body ECU is located on the Drivers side. The fuze panel is where the Body ECU is.

But it’s pretty easy to get to, I havn’t removed it though. Just unscrew/clip the little plastic piece and then you can get to it.

Toyota 4 Runner ATRAC ECU location show below:

Toyota 4 Runner ATRAC

Toyota Camry:

Right under the glove compartment (you’ll need to remove that to get to it).Try to get your hands on it first, then you’ll understand what I mean.It’ll be very hard for you to break any important part of the car (so by all means give it a try).



Suzuki Swift/Baleno/Vitara-Inside car above pedals or behind glove box.


Vectral Models-Under plastic trim and cover in O/S/R of engine bay.

New Vectra Models-Located at the front of the drivers side wheel arch.

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