Benz W636 W639 Mileage Error after Dashboard Replacement

A used part to replace broken one will save much money for your customers,so there are many used parts solutions for each brands cars.But after replacement you need do programming for ECU.Here is a error solution guide on how to solve Benz Vito/Viano W636 W639 dashboard mileage value can not show after dashboard replacement.




Remove dashboard

Remove 25LC640 chip from dashboard PC


After then use CG100/CG100X or CGPro to read out data


Below picture show the data structure

Red:mileage value,change all to “0”

Blue:Sync ID for dashboard and key,need change it by current key SSID


Now use CGMB to read out current keys information,include SSID and key position




According to the above key information, we infer that the SSID of the first key is: 68 6F 44 40


01SSID value algorithm

68 6F 44 40 Negate: 97 90 BB BF

97 90 BB BF From back to front: BF BB 90 97


02 SSID verification algorithm

BF is negated to get 40, so the check of BF is: B0 4F

BB is negated to get 44, so the check of BB is: B4 4B

90 is negated to get 6F, so the check of 90 is: 9F 60

97 is negated to get 68, so the check of 97 is: 98 67


03 Blue box position input

BF B0 4F BB B4 4B 90 9F 60 97 98 67


Write the data you modified before back to 25LC640 chip,then the dashboard will show correct mileage value


Note:If the original 25LC640 chip data work,you just need replace the original chip to the second dashboard PCB.

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