Remove and Install Contact Coil Cable Assembly for Suzuki Grand

This instruction show you guide on how to remove and install contact coil cable assembly for Suzuki Grand JB416 JB420.


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Do not turn contact coil cable assembly more than allowable number of turns (about two and a half turns from the center position clockwise or counterclockwise respectively),or coil will break.


1) Remove steering wheel from steering column. Refer to “Steering Wheel Removal and Installation”.
2) Remove steering column hole cover (1).


3) Remove steering column cover screws (1) (3 pieces).
4) Separate upper cover (2) and lower cover (3), then remove them.


5) Disconnect all connectors for contact coil cable assembly.
6) Remove contact coil cable assembly (1) with steering angle sensor (if equipped) from steering column.


7) Separate steering angle sensor from contact coil cable assembly referring to “Steering Angle Sensor Removal and Installation: ”.

1) Check to make sure that vehicle’s front tires are set at straight-ahead position and then ignition switch is at “LOCK” position.
2) Install contact coil cable assembly to steering column.

New contact coil cable assembly is supplied with contact coil cable assembly set and held at its center position with a lock pin (1).

Remove this lock pin after installing contact coil cable assembly to steering column.


3) Connect all connectors that have been removed in “Removal”.
4) Install steering column upper cover (2) and lower cover (3), and then tighten steering column cover screws (1).
When installing lower cover (3) and upper cover (2), be careful so that each lead wire is not caught between covers.


5) Install steering column hole cover (1).


6) Install steering wheel to steering column. Refer to “Steering Wheel Removal and Installation: in related manual”.

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