How to Remove TCM for ISUZU 4JJ3 2020 TF series 4JJ3 AWR6B45

This instruction show you guide on how to remove TCM for ISUZU 2020 TF series 4JJ3 AWR6B45.



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If replacing the TCM, it is necessary to write the vehicle information into the new TCM.

If the VIN is not written into the TCM, DTC P0631 is set.

1) Open the engine hood.

2) Disconnect the battery cable from the battery negative terminal.



After turning OFF the ignition switch (power mode for models with passive entry and start system), do not disconnect the battery cable within 3 minutes.

If the battery cable is disconnected within 3 minutes, the vehicle electronic control system may malfunction.

If the battery cable is disconnected, perform the setting of the front door power window switch with AUTO UP/AUTO DOWN function after connecting the battery negative terminal.

1) Remove the glove box from the instrument panel.





Remove the instrument panel passenger-side lower cover from the instrument panel.


How-to-Remove-TCM-for-ISUZU-4JJ3-2020-TF-series-4JJ3-AWR6B45-3 How-to-Remove-TCM-for-ISUZU-4JJ3-2020-TF-series-4JJ3-AWR6B45-4

2) Disconnect the connector from the instrument panel passenger-side lower cover.


TCM Removal

1) Remove the TCM and control module bracket as a set from the reinforcement.

2) Remove the TCM from the control module bracket.



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