Nissan Sunny 2015 B1209 Airbag Crash Data Clear/Reset by GPROG

This instruction show you guide on how to use GPROG lite programmer to repair/reset airbag crash data for Nissan Sunny 2015 B1209 trouble code.More about airbag crash repair,please check it here:Airbag Module Reset Repair




Follow instruction diagram to connect Nissan Sunny 2015 Airbag module

Run GPROG lite software

Select Device–>SRS DUMP CALC–>NISSAN–>

Click “OK”


Click open file to select a file or you can write it from airbag module


Click “Check dump”

It will prompt “Crash found,clear?”

Click “Yes”


Crash data clear done



After then use GPROG lite programmer to write new file back on airbag modules.

More trouble repair for Nissan,please check it here:Nissan Trouble Repair

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