Iveco Stralis EURO 3 Rear Axle Removal and Refitting Guide

There follows a description of the operations for removing and refitting the rear axle with disc brakes that, by analogy,can be considered good for the rear axle with drum brakes too.


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Removal Guide:

– Set the vehicle on level ground and lock the front wheels.

– Loosen the nuts fixing the wheels.

– Lift the vehicle at the rear and put the chassis frame on two stands.

– Put the hydraulic trolley 99321024 under the wheels,take out the nuts fixing the wheels and remove them.

– Cut the clamps holding the wiring and air piping to the reaction triangle.

– Disconnect the three brake air pipes (33) from the bracket (30).

– Take out the screws (31) and disconnect the reaction triangle (32) from the axle housing.

– Extract the speed sensors (1) from the brake calliper supporting flange (2) (det. A).

– Take out the screws (12) and extract the brake lining wear sensor (13) (det. B).

– Disconnect the air pipe (16) and the electrical connection (29) from the differential locking control device.

– Take out the screws (27) fixing the propeller shaft flange (28).

– With an appropriate rope, secure the propeller shaft to the vehicle’s chassis frame.

– Disconnect the brackets (5) for the levelling valve tie rods (35) from the mounts (17).

– Using a hydraulic lift, apply the mount 99370617 (21) to the axle housing.

– Take out the fixing screws (10) and disconnect the stabilizer bar (8) from the mounts (9).

– Loosen the screws (7) fixing the cap (6) retaining the stabilizer bar (8) to the anchor bar (4).

– Turn the stabilizer bar and secure it with a suitable rope to the chassis frame so as not to obstruct removing the rear axle.

– Take out the nuts (14) and disconnect the longitudinal tie rods (15).

– Take out the nuts (11) and disconnect the shock absorbers (3) from the axle mount (17).

– Disconnect the air vent pipe (34) from the axle.

– Take out the nuts (26) and disconnect the air springs (18) from the mounts (17).

– Lower the hydraulic lift and extract the rear axle from the vehicle.

– Disconnect the mounts (17) from the axle housing, removing the nuts (22) for the fixing brackets (23).

– Take out the screws (25) and disconnect the wiring and air pipes of the differential case.

– Fully unscrew the screws (24) to release the brake cylinder (20).

– Remove the nuts (19) and disconnect the brake cylinder (20) from the axle housing.


Refitting Guide:

For refitting, carry out the operations described for removal in reverse order, keeping to the required tightening torques for the screws and/or nuts.

Afterwards, check that:

There is no air leakage from the air pipes.

– The lubricating oil of the axle housing is at the right level.

– The differential locking indicator lamp works properly; if it does not, proceed as described under the relevant heading.

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