How To Use INPA Register BMW 7 Series New Battery

As it known to bimmers that after you replacing the BMW battery,the new bettery need to be registered.This article talk about How to register BMW 7 Series New Battery by BMW INPA.And anthor about BMW Battery:How to register a new BMW Battery after replacement by Rheingold ISTA.


Tool you need to register new battery for BMW 7 Series:

* A laptop installed with BMW INPA Software

* A OBD2 Cable to compatible to BMW INPA Software.(INPA K+CAN)


Procedures of How to Register BMW 7 Series New Battery:


Step 1: Connect OBD2 Cable to your vehicle and you laptop,then run the INPA software.

Select “E65”–>Body–>Power Module


Step 2:Press “F6” to Activate,then Press”F2” to select “Control2”

inpa-register-battery-2 inpa-register-battery-2


Step 3: Press “F7” to select “Register battery replacement”


Then the software show the “Register battery replacement Activated properly”



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