How to Repair Cracked Windshield Washer Reservoir Tank by Yourself

this instruction will show you guide on how to DIY to fix a cracked windshield washer reservoir. It will work every time if you do the procedure right. Windshield washer reservoirs will crack if you leave water instead of the windshield washer fluid and the water freezes. Other times, if the vehicle was in a wreck or it was hit, very often the windshield washer reservoir will crack and start leaking.

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The materials needs:


80-100 sand paper

glue epoxy

Gauze Pad


Get a eighty or a hundred sand paper and sand the area that needs to be fixed. Sand it good enough to be smooth, it needs to be scratchy which has done not shiny finish on it.


After using sand paper sand it, use acetone to clean it. So it doesn’t have any oil or dust on the surface.


Open the gauze pad , cut it to properly size what you need


Open Epoxy adhesive, pull some to a cap then stir it. You need to do it fast because we have only 90seconds with that band.Apply some on the windshield washer reservoir crack position



Put one piece gauze pad on top, then add some more epoxy adhesive on top


After one layer finished, put one more layer and add more epoxy adhesive on it to make it stronger.


The epoxy adhesive can be handled in 30 minutes, you will be fully cured in 24 hours.


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