How to Repair Buick GL8 Remote key Fob unstuck can’t work?

Several days ago,a owner of Buick GL8 business purpose said his fob unstuck and he had replaced fob battery,but still can’t work.It happens two months ago,and this car in use over 5 years.The owner ask dealership for price of repairing fob,it will cost more than $150.”It is expensive to repair this little fob ” said owner.Finally,I provide the method to repair this trouble,and in this article share the way how to repair Buick GL8 remote key fob unstuck.

Buick GL8 Fob

Firstly,i use multimeter to measure the voltage of fob,and it display it is ok.Then I disassemble the the fob,and find the unstuck reason is wear of conducting layer on the fob PCB.So,if we can restore the conducting layer on PCB,fob maybe work correctly.

How to restore conducting layer on fob PCB?

oh…I find a very very good ideal to restore the conducting layer:Conductive cloth tape!Cut a small piece of Conductive cloth tape and tape on the wear conducting layer.

Conductive cloth tape

Finally,test the fob on your car,it can work correctly,the trouble disappear.

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