How to Initialize Nissan TEANA J31 Immobilizer System

Nissan TEANA J31 equipped with a new type advanced anti-theft system (ANTS),the ANTS which integrated into the BCM can recognize validity of immo start signal.BCM will control ECM to stop engine starting and injector injecting when it get a incorrect signal.In this article will show you how to initialize Nissan TEANA J31 immobilizer system.

Before starting programming keys for Nissan TEANA J31,you need to initialize system.We need AEN02 version to access immobilizer system to perform initialization for Consult-2 smart card.

How to Initialize Nissan TEANA J31 Immobilizer System

You need perform initialize immo in below situations:

1.After BCM replacement

2.After used ECM replacement

Note:When you replace a new ECM,it does not need to initialize,just ignition on,the ignition key will initialized automatically,it failure,you need to initialize key manually.


As the name implies,when an initialization is done, the previous key IDs will be cleared. After completing the initialization operations, you need to learn or register a new key ID, otherwise the vehicle will not start.


Before initialization,you need get a 4-digits PIN code which generated by a five digits BCM identification number.You need this calculator (Nissan SuperCode Calculator)


Access the system via AENO2C version and enter the initial “START” menu.

Perform a key reprogramming operation. Proceed as follows:

1.Select initialization mode,C/U INITALIZATION

2.Turn the key to the “ON” position.
3.Enter PIN code
4.Press the start button “START” to start the initialization program.

5.It will prompt you the “INITIALIZATION COMPLETED”,it mean IMMO and ECU initialization completed,now ignition off.

6.Turn ignition back to “ON” again. Press “SELF-DIAG RESULTS”


Register Programming Key

Insert the first key into ignition and turn to ON position about 5 seconds,then turn off and pull out the first key.Repeat the procedures on the first key,you can register up to 5 working keys.

Start engine or open door to exit key register process…and then test on each key on car.


Nissan Immobilizer system fault codes

If you use a un-register key or invalid ID key to start engine over 5 time,the ECU will lock engine to turn protection mode.If you in this situation,you can not start engine,even you use register working key.Now you need to restart to perform initialization to unlock engine protection mode

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