How to Do Oil Change on 2.8 Duramax Chevy Colorado&GMC Canyon

This instruction will show you how to do oil change on 2.8 Duramax diesel chevy colorado and GMC canyon.



Get the vehicle up in the air, or slide underneath and not have to jack it up if you don’t have lift.

Unscrew the oil drain 15 millimeter bolt, let oil drain out


Once you got oil drained out go ahead and put your bolt back in


Take a 27 millimeter socket to take out cartridge style oil filters


You can reuse the cap, but you need to take the overhang off the filter. The new filter you get should come with a new O-ring.


Put in a new filter, and then put the cap back on


Once you put the cap back on, the torque spec on the cap is 25 Newton meters that actually marked on the cap. Be mindful when you’re tightening this back down, just snug it up.

As far as capacity the truck should take six quarts, here we use Pennzoil Euro L motor oil, it’s dextrose to approved 5:30.


Fire it up real quick and then we’ll check the oil level. Once you get the oil level all straightened out, turn the key on, reset trip and the it’ll come down to oil life which is it’s 16%


Hit the center button and wait for the beep to reset oil life


That’s the same procedure on how to reset the fuel filter life, so make sure you’re on the oil and not the fuel filters when you go to reset that.



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