How to Do Full Leather Interior Repair on Mercedes E300

This instruction will show you guide on how to repair blue leather interior by using Colourlock products on Mercedes-Benz E300.

The leather in our car has a hole and heavily scuffed like this:



Use strong leather cleaner and brush to clean the seat


Solvent cleaner to degrease



Use a backing cloth on the inside of the leather, cut it larger than the size of the hole, use a needle to mark the center of the cloth and pushed it inside the foam to hold it in place


Once the backing cloth is in place, remove the needle and use the heat gun to activate the glue and stick the two materials


Used colourlock neutral binder to stabilize the leather, this product is applied with a sponge, using a dabbing motion and dried with very low heat

Applied it multiple layers until the surface felt smooth.


Mixing the paint and getting a very close match key to an excellent repair.

When the paint is ready, use some of it to tint the leather filler. The filler can be applied directly as it comes but tinting it greatly reduces the amount of paint required to finish the repair


Fill the hole and cracks, make sure the filler was applied only where required as excessive filling can cover the grain structure on leather. The filler can take 20-30 minutes to dry naturally.


After all the filling work, use colourlock GLD solvent to soften excess filler and sand the surface to get it nice.

Before moving on to the coloring process, we wipe down the entire seed with colourlock cleaning spirit to remove all dust particles from the surface.

Involves spraying a thin layer of primer which promotes adhesion of the subsequent paint


Sprayed multiple thin layers of the paint that we mixed up before and dried each layer using a heat gun, you can also use a hair dryer.


Check the repaired areas to further fix small defects, use the filler gld solvent two drades of sanding pad and recolored that area. Use hands to feel the surface to make sure there were no rough.

Spray the clear coat to seal the repair. Mix the matte and gloss clear coats to achieve the desired level of shine on the surface.

We also added a hardener to the mixture to make it more durable.

Sprayed two layers and dried with a heat.

A day later, sand the seat with a very fine weight sanding pad to further remove roughness and wipe down all the dust with the leather cleaning spring.

Check the final result




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