Hitachi EX5600-7B Excavator Bleeding Air from Hydraulic Oil Tank Guide

This illustration show you guide on how to perform air bleeding from hydraulic oil tank for Hitachi EX5600-7B hydraulic excavator.


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Escaping fluid under pressure may penetrate the skin and eyes, and cause serious injury. Release pressure before disconnecting the hydraulic pipings or removing other equipment.

Hot hydraulic oil just after operation may spout out and cause severe burns. Allow oil to cool before starting any work.

If cap (1) of hydraulic oil tank is turned quickly, there is the danger that internal pressure may cause the cap (1) to fly off. Allow internal pressure to escape before removing cap (1).




1.Set the machine position for inspection and maintenance. Stop the engine.

2.Use hex wrench (a) and loosen the lock of one of the hydraulic oil tank caps (1) (2 used).

3.Turn cap (1) 30 degrees counterclockwise. Bleed the air from inside the hydraulic oil tank.






1.When operating the vacuum pump to apply negative pressure to the hydraulic oil tank, close cock (5) on the hydraulic oil tank air release valve.

After work is completed, open cock (5).


2.Remove socket bolt (2) from cap (1) on one side,then remove air breather cap (1). Remove filter (3).

Wrap tape approximately once around in order to block hole (b) on bayonet assembly (4), Install filter (3) and air breather cap (1) in their original positions.

3.Remove the other cap (1). Connect vacuum pump(f). Start vacuum pump (f) and apply negative pressure to the hydraulic oil tank. Operate vacuum pump (f) continuously while working.

4.After work is completed, remove the tape from bayonet assembly (4).

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