Cummins InPrower Pro V12.5 V11.0 Free Download

What is Cummins InPro Pro?

Cummins InPower is a PC-based service and maintenance tool that is designed to optimize service and maintenance activities associated with Cummins Power Command products. InPower software links a personal computer to microprocessor-based Power Command Controls either locally or remotely, allowing users to perform a wide variety of adjustments, tests and maintenance activities.



Cummins InPro Pro Functions List:

1.Direct connect PC to PowerCommand genset controls, transfer controls & system controls

2.Connection to generator set or transfer switch controls via modem or to multiple controls.

3.Allows the monitored equipment to send alarm information to a connected computer.

4.Configurable for units of measurement, and level of user access (read only, read/change values, administrator).

5.Adjustment of nearly every adjustment parameter within the connected control system, including parameters such as voltage and frequency levels, gains, protection set-points and other values.

6.Convenient programming of configurable inputs in the controllers.

7.Viewing of equipment history, fault codes, and data associated with fault codes.

8.Generates reports of monitored data

9.Allows released firmware upgrades on Power Command genset controls.

10.Plot critical parameters in a strip chart format, and export data to 3rd party software tools for manipulation and viewing.

11.Simulate fault conditions in genset controls in compliance to NFPA 110 requirements todemonstrate functionality of the controller and monitoring equipment in a facility.


Cummins InPro Pro Require OS:

– O.S.: Windows XP; Windows Vista; Windows 7; Windows 8;Window 10
– CPU: Pentium/Athlon 1 GHz or higher
– RAM: 256 MB of system memory
– Hard Drive: 15 GB of available space


Cummins InPower Pro Free Download:

Cummins InPower Pro v11.0 English + Activation


For 100% work solution Commins Inpower pro v11.5+PGA:Cummins Inpower Pro V12.5+PGA Installation Service


Cummins InPro Pro Support Commercial List:

ATS,HMI211,PCC1100 LCD,PCC3200 with CAN,AUX 101LBNG,HMI211(MCM3320),PCC1300,PCC3300,AUX101,HMI220,PCC1300 LCD,PS 0500,AUX107,HMI320,PCC1301,Universal Simulator,Core II,ECS,HMI400,PCC1302,PS0600,G-Drive,MCC3320,PCC2100,MPC3332,HMECM,MPC3330,PCC2300,HMI 113,NonGCP PCS,PCC2300V2,HMI 114,Operator Panel,PCC3200


Cummins InPro Pro Support Consumer Car List:

APU,HQDLCD,QD55,RavenValue_OTP,APU,DPF,LCD,HQDTS,QD75,Razor,APU LCD,Marlin,QD75_OTP,Stealth,Coyote,Marquis,QDSA,Stealth LCD,Equinox LCD,MerlinLCD,Ranger & QDSA,Arrow Air Cooled devices,HJBAA,Microquiet_OTP,RaptorInverter,HQD Inverter,NIM,Raven Commercial,HQDECM,QD1012,RavenPremium


New Controller Supported in V12.5:
Added support for following controllers
PCC3300 V2

New Enhancements/Features Supported
Trouble shooting document added under help menu.
·Service manuals for PCC3300V1, PCC2300V2 and PCC1302 controllers has been added under help menu.
·Extended status parameter value support for PC80 controller.
·Now Fault Description for parameters can be copied (Ctrl+C) from fault history and other tables while preparing CSV report.
·Tool will check genset state after downloading every feature on PCC1302, if shutdown fault occurs the

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