BMW HUTOOLS 2.6 NBT EVO CIC Software Free Download


BMW HUTOOL Software can solve the Internal Region Specification limitation caused by incorrect code setting, incorrect operation. such as black screen (especially in the installation of the EVO), or EVO host be locked. optimized EVO’s function will be more stable.


BMW HUTOOL Function List:

EVO: Enable SYS_DEBUG (ssh/telnet)
EVO: Clear/Repair NAND Persistence (omap board)
EVO: Clear V850 eeprom and flash (deletes all configuration, logistics data and reduces device to BTLD0001 and HWEL only, so any kind of flash is possible afterwards)
EVO: Change HWEL
EVO: Change Serial Number of HU
EVO-PROCEDURE: Active Component Protection Removal

With EVO HU Software, Full FSC certificates, including CARPLAY\ BMW ConnectedDrive, can be customized without a filter. It is known as the special artifact of NBT\NBT EVO.

Completely clear the transmission mode fault; Repair Bluetooth system, GPS positioning, Programming bodywork number, GPS bodywork number, man-machine interactive interface…

National specification conversion of European regulation – American specification – Asian specification, activation of non – medium host navigation function

Open the SSH and enter the NBT EVO internal to change information, read the internal information of NBT EVO, clear the internal chip data, delete all the settings and logical data, change the hardware number, change the host serial number, remove the certificate protection mechanism, and clear / repair the NAND locking mechanism.

FSC full set of certificate custom calculation, change the default regional authorization code, to achieve the perfect match with the original function


BMW HUTOOL Languages:

Only English



Window 7 and Window 10 have tested,for Window XP and Window 8 try at your own risk


BMW HUTOOL Free Download:!LzoiAQpI!aUjeWUylGN-UvehsN_cx6qmpyDW78EdRgIVKxVZKfNI

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