Benz Vediamo Restore ECU Variant/Measurment/Calibration Data

This instruction show you guide on how to use Benz Vediamo restore ECU data,include variant coding data and measurement/calibration data.



Benz Vediamo 5.01.01 +Path+Database Mercedes Free Download

How to Install Mercedes Benz Vediamo Software


Restore Variant Coding Data:

Restore variant codings by copy & paste Unlock ECU

open the saved coding backup html

this is just an example vor VCD_SCN_Variantencodierung_VGS_73

Copy The Kodierstring(CTRL+C or STRG+C)


1.Go to the variant coding and switch to the VCD_SCN Varinatcodierung_VGS_73

2.And click at manuell codieren



3.Paste the string in the field (CRTL+V or STRG+V)

4.Click SG-kodieren

Benz-Vediamo-Restore-ECU-VariantMeasurmentCalibration-Data-3 Benz-Vediamo-Restore-ECU-VariantMeasurmentCalibration-Data-4


Like always perform a hardreset if available.


Restore Measurment Data:

Restore measurement/calibration data from former ECU

open saved measurement/calibration data

Search for DL_EPPROM Block positions

Copy the string(CTRL+C or STRG+C)

In this example for EEprom Block 11 VGS3 lesen


Double click at Button 1

Paste the string in field 2(CRTL+V or STRG+V)

Click button 2


Do this process for all EEPROM blocks.

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