How to Use AutoProPad Program Prox Key for Nissan Sentra 2016

In this instruction, show you a car key programming case:How to use AutoProPad to program Prox key for Nissan Sentra 2016.And for Nissan immobilizer,please check collection:Nissan Key Programming



Note:Before key programming operation,please put on the hazard lights,if you do not put on the hazard lights,key programming may failure.

Connect AutoProPad to Nissan Sentra 2016 OBD port,then enter menu.

Immobiliz–>Nissan Infiniti–>Read bcm code and release steering lock(4 pincode)–>Read BCM code,now it show the bcm code:90133

AutoProPad Program Prox Key for Nissan Sentra 2016 (1)

After then back to menu to select “Pin Calculator”–>Type 1(4 pincode)

Then input the bcm code “90133” to calculate pin code

Now it show you the pincode:

Old pincode:3844

New pincode:7016

Back menu to select ” Read bcm code and release steering lock(4 pincode)”–>”Release steering lock”

Follow the screen prompt to release steering lock

Switch ignition off


Input pincode:7016,after then it will prompt you “release steering lock” success

Then wait for security light off,the you can use onboard to programming key

After security light off,take you first prox key to tap ignition button,and the security light will flashing,just wait flashing 5 time,remove prox key from ignition button and use finger to press ignition button to turn off

Then take your second prox key to repeat procedues as first prox key.

Use prox key to tap ignition button twice quickly

Then you will get a massage on the dashboard “Key System Error”.

Turn off ignition and open the door and close it.

Get massage “Steering Lock Registration Complete”

Now you can start car to test your new prox keys.

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