How to Active CarPlay for BMW Entrynav2 Head Unit by Yourself

Here is a easy guide on how to active Apple CarPlay for BMW entrynav2 head unit by yourself.

CarPlay for BMW Entrynav2

What you Need?

BMW E-sys 3.33.0/3.32.1/3.30.01 Coding Software Free Download

BMW Standard Tools 2.12 Free Download

BMW ENET Cable (Amazon)



1.Run E-sys to read ECU

2.Read out data from HU_Entrynav2

3.Search “LONGVIN”

4.Change “werte” to activated VIN-thx/rep PM example

5.Save CAFD

6.Perform CAFD programming

7.Exit E-sys

8.Run TOOL32

9.Load enavevo.prg

10.Click “steuern_routine” and select “configuration” in parameter,then Press F5 to run job

11.Wait about 1 minute

12.Click “steuergerate-reset”

13.Select “Media”–>”Edit removable device”–>”Add new device”

14.Then you will find “CarPlay” option

15.Make your car keep on sleep model (turn off and lock car at least 6 minutes)

16.Now enjoy CarPlay feature on Entrynav2


Notice:Entrynav2 equipped with WLAN port,ATM must exit and run.

And system software need upper from 18-03.

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