GM Vehicles Airbag Serial Number Relearn Procedures

When you get trouble code number with B1001 or found airbag warning light on the dashboard constantly on,you must perform an Air Bag Serial Number relearn procedure.So here i share this mini guide on how to perform airbag serial number relearn.Hope it is helpful!And check this tag for more GM vehicle repair cases

GM Vehicles Airbag Serial Number Relearn Procedures-1

Some GM vehicles store an Air Bag serial number in the BCM (Body Control Module)

or IPC (Instrument Panel Cluster) controller. On startup, the Air Bag Control Module gets the serial number from the BCM or IPC controller. If the BCM / IPC Serial Number does not match the internal Air Bag serial number, the Air Bag is turned off. The Air Bag warning light on the dash panel will be constantly on and the B1001 DTC is set in the Air Bag Control Module. In this case, the Air Bag Serial Number must be relearned by the BCM or IPC. Also, the Air Bag DTCs must be cleared.


The BCM or IPC controller can store an invalid Air Bag Serial Number if any of the Control Modules listed have been replaced or reprogrammed:



– Air Bag

The GM Service Programming Assistant provides the procedure as a one click

action available from the analyze screen. Keep in mind that the procedure is

available In-Vehicle only.


NOTE: The procedure may not turn off the Air Bag warning light if something

else is wrong with the Air Bag system on the vehicle.

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