How to Use Diamond Logic® Builder Program Module for Vehicle

This article show main steps for Diamond Logic® Builder program vehicle modules,hope it helps.



Navistar Diamond Logic Builder (DLB) Free Download

How to Install Navistar Diamond Logic Builder (DLB) Software


The vehicle program is made up of the following discrete software components:

  • Base Kernel Program
  • Configuration Program, consisting of Features and Logic Blocks
  • Programmable Parameter file

If the kernel program on the vehicle already contains the latest version available from Navistar, only the configuration file and programmable parameters would be loaded into the vehicle.

Only VIN files may be programmed into a vehicle. Templates must be applied to a VIN file, saved, and then the updated VIN file may be programmed into the vehicle.

NOTE–Prior to attempting to program the ESC / BC, ensure that the battery is charged to a least 13

volts, the key is OFF, and the dome light or park lights are on.

Connect the vehicle to the computer using an interface cable.

How to Use Diamond Logic® Builder Program Module for Vehicle (1)

2.Click the Computer Link icon in the toolbar.

3.Verify that the connection is established by checking the icon in the lower-right corner of the window. Thisicon should show that the vehicle is connected.

How to Use Diamond Logic® Builder Program Module for Vehicle (2)

NOTE–If you are programming a replacement ESC / BC, a message will appear warning that the

ESC / BC serial number of the Selected ESC / BC and the Detected ESC / BC do not match.

4.Click OK to allow DLB to change the serial number on the selected VIN. This will marry the new ESC / BC serial number to the ESC / BC and update the VIN database in the Navistar system.

5.Click the Program icon in the toolbar.

How to Use Diamond Logic® Builder Program Module for Vehicle (4)

The system will load the VIN configuration file into the vehicle. The status bar will display the slider bar showing programming status.


NOTE-Do not interrupt while the program is loading.

6Once all required sections of the VIN configuration files are loaded, the status bar will indicate that the system is resetting. The vehicle is now programmed.

How to Use Diamond Logic® Builder Program Module for Vehicle (5)

Notice that the Status column is now empty for the programmed vehicle.

After a vehicle has been programmed, the user must connect to the Internet and launch the Diamond Logic® Builder software. Connecting to the Internet will allow the Diamond Logic® Builder program to save the revised VIN configuration file in the archive at Navistar. For this reason, Navistar suggests making a connection to the Internet at least once a day if the user has programmed a vehicle.


NOTE-It is highly recommended that you print the vehicle configuration whenever modifications are made. These modifications include (but are not limited to): adding, deleting, moving, or modifying switches, features, advanced logic, or outputs / inputs on the connectors.

The printed vehicle configuration should be stored with the vehicle for future reference in diagnostics, repair,and modification or reprogramming.

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