How to Remove 35080 EEPROM Chip From BMW Dashboard

If you need modified odometer for BMW 1 series old cars (2004-2012),you need read/write 35080 eeprom chip.So here is a instruction show you guide on how to remove 35080 eeprom chip from dashboard.BMW 35160 & 35080 EEPROM Odometer Correction By Yanhua 35xx Emulator



DashBook Pro v7.9+SRSBook 1.4 2018 Removal Book 100% Work Solution



Remove the instrument cluster

Fully extended and lowered the steering wheel

Release screws (1)

Tilt the dash panel (2) in the direction indicated by the arrow and slightly pulled back.

Disconnect the appropriate connector.

If necessary,release the wiring harness from the holders

Remove the instrument cluster (2)



Disassemble the instrument cluster:

In the photo shows another panel,but the principle is the same

Remove the rear cover


Remove the glass


Arrow and pull the board


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