How to Change Mercedes Benz Key Fob Battery

This instruction will show you the entire procedure of how to replace your CR2025 Mercedes Benz key fob battery. Since Mercedes tends to use a lot of the same remotes for different vehicles, so here we show you should work across all Mercedes models. For more Benz Key cases, please refer to Mercedes Benz Key Programming.



Sliding latch up and pull the mechanical key out



Hold the Mercedes remote and stick the mechanical key to where the slot is all the way over to the left, don’t stick it over the other side.


And pop it right up there


Take out the cover


Use a small screw driver to peel the battery out of the remote


Take a new CR2025 battery and put it in, make sure that you remote the protective stickers from the battery


Put the cap and mechanical back in position.

Replacement is done.


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