EDC17 ECU Disable: Finding DPF Switch in EDC17 ECU

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Switching in EDC17 ECU.

Before switching off the DPF function in your ECU you must decide what to do about the hardware fitted to the car. The hardware is the DPF/Catalyst and the Options.

1.Original look. Remove DPF/catalyst. Open case and empty the inside. Refit. Leave all original sensors and wiring in place. In some countries this may be 2. New pipe. Remove DPF/catalyst and replace with a pipe.

2a. Keep sensors and wiring

2b. Remove sensors and wiring.*

*If you remove sensors and wiring you may get fault codes and even a dashboard warning. These will need coding out of the ECU file.

Don’t rip out the DPF yet. Some ECU files get very upset if you try a DPF file delete solution when the DPF is already reporting full and failed regeneration. It regeneration first before touching the DPF or the ECU file.


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What if forced regeneration doesn’t work?

You may have to remove the DPF and soak it in something like alloy wheel cleaner for a day or so. Flush out with hot water if possible. Refit and try the forced DO NOT INSTALL A DPF OFF FILE BEFORE THE HARDWARE HAS BEEN SORTED

With the hardware sorted you are ready to modify the ECU file.

As usual the information here is based on using Winols to examine and modify your file.

The file below has been opened in 16 bit, decimal (255), LoHi view.

  1. Set the view to text.
  2. Open ‘Search’ and then search for decimal byte sequence (decimal tab)
  3. Enter 4081, 00015 Click right arrow button or Enter button.

The view should look like this;

EDC17 ECU Disable:Finding DPF Switch in EDC17 ECU-1

You won’t see the YELLOW highlight. I added that.

The addresses for 04081 and 00015 will be highlighted. (Grey in this example). This sequence usually only occurs once in a file so you should be in the correct 4. Make sure you have a least 14 columns in your view and move the selected two addresses to the start row as shown above. (1ED0E6).

  1. Many files look exactly like the view above.


04081 00015 32767 0003 04000 00001 00000 00000 00001 02800 32767 00200 32768 32767

It is important to view this whole row because the DPF switch is not always at exactly the same address in all ECU files.

In 16 bit decimal view the DPF switch is 00001. In the example you can see that this occurs twice. e.g

04081 00015 32767 0003 04000 00001 00000 00000 00001 02800 32767 00200 32768 32767

In many files the DPF switch 00001 is followed by 02800 so the DPF switch is the second 00001.

Another clue is that the DPF switch 00001 is usually close and to the left of the sequence; 32768, 32767.


NOTE: If the 04081, 00015 search doesn’t help. Try searching 32768, 32767 instead.

The correct DPF switch position is highlighted in YELLOW on the above picture.

Changing the value 00001 to 00000 will switch off all DPF functions *

For those that like 2D view. This is the TEXT picture above shown in 2D view.

In this picture the yellow DPF highlight address has been changed to a RED vertical bar.


As you can see, the DPF switch location is not obvious when viewing in 2D mode.

* Does this really work? Is the DPF really switched off when 00001 is changed to 0000?

With EDC16 ECU’s the single switch should turn off all DPF functions. With EDC17 ECU’s some people have reported problems after using the single switch.

Reported problems are usually because;

  1. They ignored the ‘regenerate DPF first’ advice


  1. They have disconnected sensors and have sensor/error faults


  1. Some part of the DPF function is still running even with the DPF switch set to OFF.

If you ripped out the DPF and sensors and wiring without resetting DPF regeneration status first you are in trouble and need professional help.

If some part of the regeneration process is still running it will probably be ‘Post Injection’.

Setting the ‘post injection’ maps to zero should cure this.


There are EDC17 ECU’s with a very different file layout to that shown above. The same DPF search procedure will work but you may have several areas and several files need a degree of trial and error.

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