How to Restore/Reset Airbag Module for Hyundai by GPROG Lite Programmer

This instruction show you guide on how to repair/reset airbag module for Hyundai/KIA 95910-Q550 via GPROG Lite programmer.More repair case for Hyundai,please refer to:Hyundai trouble repair.




Remove 95910-Q550 airbag module from vehicle and remove the cover

Run GPROG Lite programmer software select “Select tool”

Select “AIRBAG TOOL”–>”Kia/Hyundai”–>”Srs_RH850…”


Then select instruction button,it will show you with the diagram


Follow the picture diagram to build connection

Reset-Airbag-Module-for-Hyundai-by-GPROG-Lite-Programmer-4 Reset-Airbag-Module-for-Hyundai-by-GPROG-Lite-Programmer-5


Click “Read” button


Wait a second,it will show you “Crash found …”,click “OK” to continue

After crash data clear,please click “Write” button to write new data in the airbag module


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