Nissan Sentra OCS Control Unit Reprogram by ASIST

Here is instruction show you guide on how to use ASIST diagnostics to reprogram OCS control unit for Nissan Sentra.


IMPORTANT: Seatbelt buckle bracket MUST be installed before OCS Control Unit Reprogramming is performed.

NOTE: In this Service Procedure, OCS is sometimes referred to as ODS.

How to Install Nissan ASIST Diagnostic System Software



1.Install the driver for the J-51594 OCS reprogramming cable as follows:

a.Keep the PC connected to the internet.

b.Connect the J-51594 OCS reprogramming cable to the PC USB port.

c.Wait 1 minute, the drivers will install automatically.

NOTE:Step 1 above is only required the first time this procedure is performed. It is recommended that it be performed at the beginning of each day to confirm you have the latest software installed in your PC.

2.Turn the ignition ON, engine OFF / not Ready (if not still ON) and turn ON the hazard warning flasher lights (if not still ON).

3.Connect the J-51594 OCS reprogramming cable:

Connect to the vehicle’s DLC connector and the PC USB port.

Make sure the cable is securely connected at both ends.


4.Prepare the vehicle for OCS Reprogramming as follows:

Level the vehicle

No objects on the passenger seat.

No occupants in the vehicle – including the servicing technician.

PC is outside of the vehicle on a suitable support.

Do not set the PC on the vehicle.

Do not touch the vehicle during the OCS Reprogramming.

Minimize vibrations of the vehicle.


5.Open ASIST (if not already open).

6.Select “R1608 & R1609 OCS Reprogram” under Specialty Tools



NOTE:If you get a black message screen as shown in Figure 26, this indicates that the reprogramming cable is not connected, or the cable driver did not install correctly.

a.Close ODS Repro.

b.Close ASIST.

c.Start over from step 1



7.Select Start Repro.

NOTE:If the error message “an error occurred on connection” displays:

a.Disconnect the J-51594 OCS reprogramming cable, both ends.

b.Reconnect the cable; make sure it is securely connected at both ends.


8.Turn the ignition ON (engine OFF).

9.Select OK.


After selecting OK, the OCS reprogramming will start.


Items 1 through 4  will likely complete quickly.



10.Cycle the ignition OFF > ON.

11.Select OK.


After selecting OK in Figure 30, the OCS reprogramming will likely complete items 5 through 7 quickly.



12.When this screen displays, OCS reprogramming is complete.

13.Select OK.


14.Close the program (click on the red X in the upper right corner).


15.Turn the ignition OFF.

16.Disconnect the J-51594 OCS reprogramming cable.

17.Turn the ignition ON and observe the air bag warning light and the front passenger air bag status light:

The air bag warning light should illuminate for 7 seconds and then go out.

The front passenger airbag status lightshould illuminate for 7 seconds and then either stay illuminated or go out, depending on the occupation of the front passenger seat.


NOTE: If the air bag warning light or the front passenger airbag status light does not operate as described above, there may be an issue not covered by this campaign. Refer to ASIST and the appropriate ESM for additional diagnostic and repair information.

OCS Reprogramming is Complete

NOTE: Zero Point Reset was included in the reprogramming – it is not necessary to perform as a separate step.

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