Multifunction test for Delphi DS150 on Opel/Vauxhall Vivaro 2007

This article is show you the multifuction of Delphi DS150 for Opel Vivaro2007.More repair cases for Opel,check here:Opel trouble repair.



Connect Delphi Ds150 to vehicle, open software. Select vehicle model.


Click Real-time data on the left manual


Click next arrow, you can check all list here.




System version

Diagnosis identity

Calibration number

Battery voltage

Ignition status

Immobilister function programmed

Immobilizer status


Transponder key number programmed

Immobilister LED


Left direction indicator

Right direction indicator

Status of turn signal lamp

Turn indicator signal

Hazard warming flashers

Indicator lamp,hazard warning flasher button

Front door status

Sliding door status

Rear door status


Interior lights at front

Interior lights at rear

Interior light off

Front wiper park switch

Front wiper switch

Windscreen wipers,front

Front washer switch

Rain sensor switch

Rainsensor,wiper speed

Rain sensor,raindrops

Heated rear screen switch

Heated rear window

Automatic light sensor

Engine status

Follow-me-home lighting

Lights switched on

High beam switch

Power window switch

Status,power window


Remote control signal

LED CDL(Light Emitting Diode Central Door Lock)

Central lock

Last used

CDLS-motor rear door lock(central locking system)

CDLS-motor passenger door lock(central locking system)

CDLS-motor sliding door lock(central locking system)

CDLS-motor rear door lock(central locking system)

Unlocking,central lock motor

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