Immo Tool 26.12.07 Software Download,Installation Activation Guide

What is Immo Tool?

Immo Tool is a software kit which enables the repair and coding of engine ECUs and immobilisers. The main aim of the Immo Tool manufacturer is to simplify and automate the process of matching and programming second hand engine ECUs and immobilisers, making it possible to reuse them. Generally, we can say that Immo Tool is a set of solutions gathered together in one big software application.


Immo Tool v26 Download:

Immo Tool 26.12.07 Download & Activation Service

Note:Only support Window 7,Window XP


How to Install & Activate Immo Tool V26 software:

After download and extract,you will get below files.

Run “GETID2.exe”

Immo Tool 26.12.07 Download & Activation Service 1

The you will get your HWID,sent me your ID to my email([email protected])

Immo Tool 26.12.07 Download & Activation Service (2)

After then I will sent the license key files to you.

Open license key folder(name with your name),the files show as below

Immo Tool 26.12.07 Download & Activation Service (3)

Copy all file above to the “Immo_Tool_26.12.07” folder,then you can run “Immo Tool.exe”,it will prompt software have registered,click “OK”

Immo Tool 26.12.07 Download & Activation Service (4)

And now you can use “Immo Tool V26”

Immo Tool 26.12.07 Download & Activation Service (5)


How is Immo Tool Work?
Immo Tool works on files so you need several programmers to read and write the devices you work with. Working with the software involves:
– choosing the car type and ECU type (this involves coding algorithm of the immo entries)
– loading the right file
– starting the program
– saving the modified file or loading the decoded PIN or VIN codes
– programming the target system with the modified file
A file which has been properly modified and loaded to ECU memory makes it possible to activate a second hand ECU to start in a new environment / new car. It can be assumed (with just a few exceptions) that the modified ECU will work just like its brand new equivalent – ready for coding / self coding. In some cases the new ECU will work without the coding function enabling to test the car engine with a damaged Immo device or even without any immo devices.

What do you need to start work with Immo Tool?
The software works on files and reading of the memory contents is your problem. Sometimes
it is possible via diagnosis but in most cases you would have to take the ECU out of the car and read the contents of the memory. In our opinion you need:
– universal programmer able to read / write Eprom and flash memories
– universal programmer able to read / write serial memories (SPI, I2C, uWire)
– several Motorola programmers (HC 908, 912, 05, 11 …) Texas Instruments Microcontroller programmers (TMS370, TMS374)
– other programmers (strange hybrid from Opel, Fiat …)
– a tool that can read the contents of ECU via diagnosis line would be of a great advantage
After modifying the memory contents it would be nice to test the ECU on desk – by emulating the camshaft / crankshaft sensor signals. Take a look at our PG07 sensor emulator.


Immo Tool Support ECU List:


Remove Immo – ECU works without immo

No description – ECU cleared and prepared for coding / autocoding


Alfa Romeo                            2.4 JTD Bosch 24C04

Audi A3,A4,A6                         Bosch 1.8 Turbo 24C02 (Remove Immo)

BMW                                   Bosch 318 TDS 93C46 (Remove Immo)

Chrysler                              Voyager 2.5 TD, Bosch 24C02 (Remove Immo)

Citroen                               IAW G6.14 – Magneti Marelli

Citroen                               Berlingo – BSI – MCU NEC

Citroen                               C3- BSI – MEM 95160

Citroen                               Xara – BSI – MEM 95040

Citroen                               Xara Picasso     – BSI – MEM 95040

Citroen                               EDC15 5P08C3 (Remove Immo)

Citroen                               MA 3.0 Bosch 93CS46 (Remove Immo)

Citroen                               MA 3.1 Bosch 24C04 (Remove Immo)

Citroen                               MA 3.1 Bosch 93CS46 (Remove Immo)

Citroen                               MP 3.2 Bosch 93CS46 (Remove Immo)

Citroen                               MP 5.2 Bosch 93S46 (Remove Immo)

Citroen                               MP 7.2 Bosch 24C02 (Remove Immo)

Citroen                               MP 7.3 Bosch 24C02 (Remove Immo)

Citroen                               SID 803 PIN calculator (95320)

Citroen                               SID 803 PIN programmer (95320)

Daewoo                                Siemens TMS374

Fiat                                  Bosch – 24C02

Fiat                                  IAW 16F.EB – Magneti Mirelli

Fiat                                  IAW 4AF.M9 – Magneti Marelli

Fiat                                  2.3 JTD Bosch 5P08C3

Fiat                                  BPKA DELCO HC11F1

Fiat                                  Hitachi MFI 003BC2 59C11

Fiat                                  IAW  8F.5T Magneti Marelli HC11E9

Fiat                                  IAW  8F.6B Magneti Marelli HC11E9

Fiat                                  IAW 18F.B4 Magneti Marelli HC11F1

Fiat                                  IAW 1ABB.92 TMS374

Fiat                                  IAW 1ABG.81 Magneti Marelli TMS374

Fiat                                  IAW 1AF.13  Magneti Marelli TMS374

Fiat                                  IAW 1AF.15  Magneti Marelli TMS374

Fiat                                  IAW 1AF.17  Magneti Marelli TMS374

Fiat                                  IAW 1G7SP.71 Magneti Marelli HC11F1 (c/r immo)

Fiat                                  IAW 49F.B4 Magneti Marelli 95040

Fiat                                  IAW 4AF.M1 Magneti Marelli 95160

Fiat                                  IAW 4AF.M7 Magneti Marelli 95160

Fiat                                  IAW 4AF.S2 Magneti Marelli 95160

Fiat                                  IAW 59F.M2 (HYBRID)

Fiat                                  IAW 59F.M3 (HYBRID)

Fiat                                  IAW 59F.M7 (HYBRID)

Fiat                                  IAW 59F.M9 (HYBRID)

Fiat                                  IAW 5NF.T1 Magneti Marelli 95160

Fiat                                  IAW 8F.5T   Magneti Marelli HC11F1

Fiat                                  IAW 8P.22  Magneti Marelli HC11

Fiat                                  Lucas DCU3F 95080

Iveco Daily                           Bosch 24C16

Kia                                   Clarus 2.0 16V Bosch 24C02

Kia                                   Siemens TMS374

Mazda                                 323 Diesel Denso 93C56

Mercedes                              A class –  Siemens/VDO 29F200

Mercedes                              C,E class (infra-red) –  ECU  progr. ?

Mercedes                              C,E class (infra-red) –  Immo progr. 2/2

Mercedes                              EDC16 95320 – Unlock ECU

Mercedes                              Sprinter 24C02  – Unlock ECU

Mercedes                              Sprinter 5P08C3 – Unlock ECU

Mercedes                              Start Error – Sprinter

Mercedes                              Start Error – Sprinter (EWS OK)

Mercedes                              Start Error – Vito HC05

Mercedes                              Start Error – Vito HC08

Mercedes                              Vito 24C04      – Unlock ECU

Opel                                  Delco HC11F1 2 plugs (blue,grey)

Opel                                  DELCO HC11F1 2 plugs (red,white)

Opel                                  DTL – Bosch

Opel                                  Motronic based on 24C02 – Bosch

Opel                                  Siemens SIMTEC 56.1 9356

Opel                                  1.2 8V Delco 27C256 (Remove Immo)

Opel                                  1.7 ; 2.0 16V Turbo Diesel 24C04 (Remove Immo)

Opel                                  2.5 Turbo Diesel 2x93C46 (Remove Immo)

Opel                                  Bosch DTL 24C04 + 2x29F010

Opel                                  Siemens SIMTEC 56.1 – 29F010 (Remove Immo)

Peugeot                               MP5.1.1 – Bosch

Peugeot                               S2000 – Sagem (95080)

Peugeot                               S2000 RPM – Sagem (95080)

Peugeot                               S2000  – Sagem (95080)  PIN progr.

Peugeot                               BSI – De/encryption

Peugeot                               ECU Bosch ME7.4.4 PIN progr.

Peugeot                               ECU Bosch ME7.4.4 PIN calc.

Peugeot                               EDC 15 – 5P08C3   PIN prog.

Peugeot                               EDC 16 – 95160    PIN prog.

Peugeot                               EDC15 PIN calculator (5P08C3)

Peugeot                               EDC16 PIN calculator (95160)

Peugeot                               EDC16 (95640) – Remove Immo

Peugeot                               206  BSI – MCU HC912

Peugeot                               206  BSI – MEM 95160

Peugeot                               307  BSI – MCU HC912

Peugeot                               307  BSI – MEM 95160

Peugeot                               2.3 JTD Bosch 5P08C3

Peugeot                               IAW 1AP.20,90 TMS374

Peugeot                               IAW 1AP.41 Magneti Marelli TMS374

Peugeot                               IAW 1AP.43 Magneti Marelli TMS374

Peugeot                               IAW 1AP.80, 81, 40 TMS374

Peugeot                               IAW 1AP.83 Magneti Marelli TMS374

Peugeot                               IAW 48P2.XX Magneti Marelli 29F400

Peugeot                               IAW 6LP2.02 Magneti Marelli ST10F280

Peugeot                               IAW 8P.XX Magneti Marelli HC11A8 MCU

Peugeot                               Sagem SL96 TMS374 1x28F512

Peugeot                               Sagem SL96 TMS374 2x28F512

Polonez                               Delco HC11F1

Renault                               5NR.XX – Magneti Marelli

Renault                               DCI – Bosch

Renault                               DCI – Delphi

Renault                               DCI – Delphi (remove crash blockade)

Renault                               DCU3R – Lucas, Clear Immo

Renault                               DCU3R – Lucas, Remove Immo

Renault                               Megane 2 (clear steering lock) 24C04

Renault                               SIRIUS32 – Siemens

Renault                               SIRIUS34 – Siemens

Renault                               SIRIUS35 – Siemens

Renault                               1.9 DTI Bosch 24C04 (1 plug), (Remove Immo)

Renault                               1.9 DTI Bosch 24C04 (2 plugs)

Renault                               Fenix 3 95160

Renault                               IAW 6R.20 Magneti Marelli TMS370

Renault                               IAW 6R.30 Magneti Marelli TMS370

Renault                               IAW5NR2.XX 95160

Renault                               IAW 8R.30 HC11A1 MM (Remove Immo)

Renault                               MP7.0 Bosch 24C02, (Remove Immo)

Renault                               S2000RPM 95080 – SAGEM

Renault                               Siemens TMS374

Renault                               Siemens TMS374

Renault                               Sirius32 (16V) 29F200 (Remove Immo)

Rover                                 214,216 93C46

Skoda                                 SIMOS – Siemens

Toyota                                93LC66 + Texas 4C (Key programmer)

Toyota                                YarisDenso  93C46

V.A.G                                 EDC16  Remove Immo (95320)

V.A.G.                                EDC16 Bosch 95320

V.A.G                                 IMMO 5WK4 678    – HC05 – Siemens

V.A.G                                 IMMO 5WK4 678    – HC05 – Siemens

V.A.G                                 IMMO 6X0 953 257 – 24C04 – Valeo

V.A.G                                 IMMO VW LT       – HC05X16

V.A.G                                 IMMO White box   – 93C46 – f+g Megamos

V.A.G.                                ME7.1.(x) – 7.5.(x) Remove Immo Bosch 95040

V.A.G.                               SIMOS – Siemens, 93C76, (Remove Immo)

V.A.G.                               TDI – Bosch

V.A.G.                               TDI 24C02 (1 plug) Bosch

V.A.G.                               TDI 24C02 (2 plugs) Bosch


Immo Tool Installation System Requirements:
Generally the software will run on every x86 machine working on windows 2K/XP, equipped
with a free USB port and capable of working in 1024×768 resolution. Our recommendation is
a windows XP based host with at least 512 MB of RAM memory.


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