How to Use Cummins Insite Change Speed Limit for CM871 ECM

This is a instruction guide on how to use Cummins Insite diagnostic software to change speed limit for Cummins CM871 ECM.




Newest Cummins Insite 8.6 8.4 Free Download



Connect Cummins Insite interfact to CM871 ECM and then run software and click connect to ECM

After then please select “Feature and Parameters”


After feature information reading done,you will see all features show as below


Please scroll down and select “Road Speed Governor”


Here you can find some option:

Maximum Accelerator Vehicle Speed and Maximum Vehicle Speed

You need to change value of “Maximum Vehicle Speed”,click the value to input new value.

Then click “Send to ECM”


It will show you below massage:

“INSITE is ready to save changes to the ECM

While the operation is in progress,do not turn the key switch ON or OFF unless instructed to do so.”

Now click “OK” to continue


It will need 30 seconds or some trucks need 100 seconds to write new value to ECM.

After it prompt successfully,you can double check to read the feature parameters again to check new value is valid.


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