How to Remove Cummins ECM Password (Zap-IT)by Cummins Insite

In this article will show you guide on how to use Cummins Insite diagnostic software to perform Cummins ECM password removal (Zap-IT).


Most Cummins ECMs have 5 levels of password capability


Master password allows all writes, adjustments and resets

If Master password is set, but not entered

–No Changes to ECM allowed



Master password must also be set

Only allows changing ECM adjustments

Features and parameters



Master password must also be set

Only allows ECM resets

Fault Codes & Trip Information



Master password does not need to be set

Protects OEM specific parameters from adjustment


Greenhouse Gas

Do not use unless directed by Cummins Inc.



Used to protect the ECM from users attempting to make unauthorized adjustments

Different levels can be set to allow for:

Resets only (Reset Password)

Feature Adjustments (Adjustment Password)

Full functionality (Master Password)


Master password must be set when using ECM security

INSITE will operate in read-only mode if appropriate password is not provided during ECM connection.




Cummins Insite 8.6 Download (100% work)


Newest Cummins Insite 8.6 8.4 Free Download

How to Setup Cummins Insite 8.2.0 work with Nexiq usb link



To remove ECM and OEM passwords:

Select Tools> ECM Password Removal…on the menu bar.

The ECM Password Removal window will appear.

This window is also called the ZAP-IT window.

Select the type of ECM Passwords to be removed.

Select ZAP-IT.

The ECM Password Removal Confirmation window will appear.

Select Yes and follow the prompts to remove the ECM passwords.

The ECM Password Removal window will display the number of counts remaining, if any.

Select Cancelto close the ECM Password Removal screen.


Zap-IT passwords are entered using the Cummins License Configuration Tool (LCT)

Zap-IT Counts can be obtained from local Distributors


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