5 Common Problems for Subaru Impreza 5th Generation 2017-21

In this instruction, we’ll show you the 5 common problems of Subaru Impreza Hatchback, the 5th generation from 2017-2021.

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No.1 Blower Motor

You’re driving down the road while you have the heater AC on that the blower motor is squeaking and giving you a loud squeal type noise.


To eliminate noise,you need to take the blower motor out and inspect it. Noted you don’t have any leaves or debris in there, if not it’s going to need a new blower motor.


No.2 Outer Tie Rods

The front outer tie rod is located here.


That’s part of your steering. When you going down the road, if there’s some play in the steering wheel, it’s probably because the tie rods have loosened up and they need to be replaced.

To check those outer tie rods, raise the vehicle up, shake the tire back and forth, and see if the play is in that joint. If it is, it’s need to be replaced.


No.3 Lower Ball Joint

In relation to the tie rods, the lower ball joints go bad also. Those are actually pretty easy to replace you have nuts there and they’re bolted in from the top.

To check those it’s very similar to checking the tie rod ends. When you’re shaking the tire back and forth, you’ll see movement down here.


Keep in mind, after you’re done doing either one of these jobs, you’re going to need to have the vehicle aligned.


No.4 EVAP Canister Vent Hose


A spider will go inside the hose and create a blockage, that will cause a check engine light. You need to take hose off, clear it out whether use water or compressed air put it back on and clear the code.

In relation to that you have this leak detection pump.


That sometimes has problems so if it’s not the hose it could be the leak detection pump. That’s going to cause an EVAP code.


No.5 Subaru Bluetooth Starlink App

This being a newer car we had trouble finding a lot of other mechanical problems that were pretty common on this vehicle, but the bluetooth app is fairly hard to use and doesn’t always work right.

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